Thursday, December 24, 2009

Not Always

Travelling in a bus, Sunitha and Vanitha were into a serious discussion. Vanitha kept repeating Whatever it is, you have committed a sin.Now you have to pay for it. Sunitha was calm and she kept saying "what is done is done and nothing can be changed.Think positively!".There is nothing positive to it. Anitha, you are in big trouble.You are gonna suffer a lot.Your entire life is destroyed. Don't be so apprehensive,its gonna bring her happiness and nothing else said Sunitha. Having a baby before marriage is to be ashamed of and there is nothing to be happy about. Vanitha stop pointing your fingers at her. It is a beautiful feeling.It just happened.Its a boon from god for their love.

Boon ha!! you serious, when she suffers, she'll get to know whether it is a boon or a bane.Stop giving out dialogues. Ok be it. It is a mistake but it was not only Anitha's fault.It is Anuj's fault too. His fault oh! but who is gonna pay?.I trust him Vanitha, he is a good man.He will not leave her.

Good man ughh,a man who can't wait till marriage. Vanitha don't be so narrow minded.It's love that brought them closer.We'll get to know whether its love or lust when she tells him she is pregnant.Why don't you understand the beauty of their love.Why blame you its not only you nobody understands.That is what even I'm saying society will not approve and she is gonna suffer.You are going back there again just stop it.She trusted him and thus gave herself completely.

All these dialogues of yours will do no good when people start questioning.When that happens she'll have to act dumb and that too all alone.Stop it Vanitha she will not be alone,he will be with her.

The bus stopped.Get down Anitha you have to meet him at 10:00 am right its already 9:50 am ,he'll be waiting.Just go tell him the good news.Ya ya tell the good news and you'll get to know how fast he can run.