Tuesday, November 18, 2014


What's a poem?
Keeps me wondering
or rather awaiting a rendering
of an expert portraying a mystic wandering

Is it
lyrical beauty with complexity?
or is it
Rhyme with  apt felicity?
or rather
Huge vocabulary with a pinch of absurdity?

Not one but many interpretation
Very few living up to my expectation
Here I am with my explanation
Expression with a lot of exuberation

Its just an abstract with nothing intact
flowing through your heart
not thinking past
just relishing the art,
expressing my thought here I am
with a proem for the lovely poem.


Monday, November 17, 2014

Rani Mukherjee

The queen of hearts
The sweet of tarts
ever so pretty
finesse and gritty
millions of hearts filled with love only for her the mighty Aphrodite
Just a glance enough to kill
Hazel eyes, where the beauty lies
Her hair, oh my! what a flair
Wonder why beauty took eons to descend
From heaven or well above.
Have no words to express my love

for the lady who deserves nothing but WOW.

Blog revival

Be it anything and everything You'll have to start at the very point where you left it. Clear in mind with a better thought process here I am kick starting my dear blog after a really long time. Feeling elated or rather Ecstatic.

Why I started this blog ? To express myself.
Why I stopped blogging ? Too many dishes in my platter.

Confused is what I was days, months, years together not knowing what I really have to do. Tried to be Jack of all trades just to realize you'll never be master of even one. Mental stability is what was lacking. Not literally :P but still.

 Many of us go through this phase I believe. All I really want to say is that. Do what your heart desires, do what gives you happiness, why think further and bother yourself.

Love as pleasant as it does first starts from within. We as people should learn to love ourselves. I love me when I'm satisfying me or rather when I complete me. That completeness is something which you get only when you love what you do and do stuff that you love to do. In my case had too many affairs to take care of.

I really want to embark on this very journey just to make myself happy hoping for nothing but a soul stirring ecstatic feel.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Demented soul

Singing in the rain
            with my heart full of pain
writing this down
            to let you know how people frown
gazing at me
           like an alien on ground

Naked the word though I was
           never bothered in your presence
Covered the word yes I am
           feeling incomplete in your absense

Is this my fate or
               plenty more to hate
me,the arrogant lover
              looking at the sun
                  hoping you'd hover
Foolish the word people provide
         leaving it to you girl you decide
   right I thought cause you reside
      in my thoughts leaving plenty aside

waiting for your arrival
reason for my survival
Dementia you are
Demented I am
dear change it to
Panacea you are
Panache I am.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

main gudiya nahin hoon

Chand taare se sajaayenge
Kaale ghataaon se
           zulphon ko leherayenge
Reshmi ki narmi
           se mann ko behlayenge

Khoobsurati se
            sundartha ko poojthe hain
Suraj ke kirano se
            mujhe chupaathe hain
Asmaan se uthri
            sabhi yeh kehthe hain

Koi kasar choda nahi inhone
 par yeh kyun bhoolgaye
Ke ek dil bhi hai mere seene mein
            jo baahar ki hi nahin
andhar ki sundhartha
            dikhaane keliye har pal thadapthi hai
Pooja nahi izzath maangthi hai
              ye dil mera dil
Sheeshe ki andhar rakhne waali
              gudiya ki nahi
                      ek insaan ki
Kaash mere dil ki awaaz
                       koi sunein

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Not Always

Travelling in a bus, Sunitha and Vanitha were into a serious discussion. Vanitha kept repeating Whatever it is, you have committed a sin.Now you have to pay for it. Sunitha was calm and she kept saying "what is done is done and nothing can be changed.Think positively!".There is nothing positive to it. Anitha, you are in big trouble.You are gonna suffer a lot.Your entire life is destroyed. Don't be so apprehensive,its gonna bring her happiness and nothing else said Sunitha. Having a baby before marriage is to be ashamed of and there is nothing to be happy about. Vanitha stop pointing your fingers at her. It is a beautiful feeling.It just happened.Its a boon from god for their love.

Boon ha!! you serious, when she suffers, she'll get to know whether it is a boon or a bane.Stop giving out dialogues. Ok be it. It is a mistake but it was not only Anitha's fault.It is Anuj's fault too. His fault oh! but who is gonna pay?.I trust him Vanitha, he is a good man.He will not leave her.

Good man ughh,a man who can't wait till marriage. Vanitha don't be so narrow minded.It's love that brought them closer.We'll get to know whether its love or lust when she tells him she is pregnant.Why don't you understand the beauty of their love.Why blame you its not only you nobody understands.That is what even I'm saying society will not approve and she is gonna suffer.You are going back there again just stop it.She trusted him and thus gave herself completely.

All these dialogues of yours will do no good when people start questioning.When that happens she'll have to act dumb and that too all alone.Stop it Vanitha she will not be alone,he will be with her.

The bus stopped.Get down Anitha you have to meet him at 10:00 am right its already 9:50 am ,he'll be waiting.Just go tell him the good news.Ya ya tell the good news and you'll get to know how fast he can run.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Not kinky yet...!!!

Out on the road walking down the lane
                     just a formal date unexpected yet great
gliding on my body kissing me head to toe
                       in my shirt and on my chest