Thursday, October 22, 2009

Love never dies

A white car on a black road,Radhika the lady of our story is driving it."Tujhe dekha toh yeh jaana sanam" its her mobile.With a lot of glitter and happiness in her face she picks it up.CLICK About her hmmm what shall i say she is a reasonably tall girl with powerful eyes and long straight hair.She did her graduation in the LOC university in New Delhi and currently she is working as a HR executive."Hi Honey" said Radhika with a wide smile on her face.The Honey for her tongue and a teddy for her arms and the man of her life was Rohit.Crazy guy I must say.He is a good looking guy with a reasonable height (Taller than Radhika thats all is necessary right ya he has it).Even he completed his graduation fom LOC university in New Delhi.Hmmm got it? no oh .Both of them studied together in college and were great friends.When their friendship turned into love nobody knows not even them.Their marriage is on the cards.Its next week.Too much of flashback lets get back to the phone call.
"Hi Sexy" replied Rohit with a giggle."Sir seems to be in an awesome mood today" said Radhika forgetting all her office and household tensions as always when talking to Rohit."Hmmm Hmmm you think so" asked Rohit."Ya I know so" said Radhika with a lot of confidence.Puzzled to the core Rohit asked "What How When ahhhhh Nat I should have known" said he with complete disappointment."Yup So... Congrats dear on your promotion"she shouted out loud.Nat Nat Nat is Natasha a close friend of Rohit and Radhika."Wait till I find her"-Rohit "Who"-Radhika "Who else"-Rohit "Oh Oh Nattie"-Radhika
"Poor Nat Radhi to your rescue" saying to herself Radhika calls Natasha from another phone keeping it on her left ear"Come on girl pick it up pick it up" "Hiiiii Radhi how was his reaction?"asked Natasha with anxiety all over."Run for your life"-Radhika "What???!!!"-Natasha “Rohit is on the loose”-Radhika “Oh my god he is here”-Natasha. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Radhika heard from both the sides
Gotcha ha ha ,I poured coffee on her head” said Rohit with a sense of achievement. “Radhiii your stupid lover ahhhhhhh” weepingly Natasha said
Radhika could'nt control her laughter.She started laughing so badly that her stomach started aching.”guys guys please stop it I'm gonna die laughing" said Radhika still laughing .A loud noise followed by grave silence brought everything to a stop.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


It was a lovely evening with water drizzling like tiny pearls from the sky. Raj was walking down the lane. He was tired of all the hard day's work. It was 5:00 in the evening he was out from work. He had to walk for 15mins to reach his bus stop. As it was drizzling and the road's all wet and with puddles here and there he had to watch his step. "I hope I get a bus soon I don't wanna stand there for a long time like day before"thought he. Raj was cursing his boss as he was walking,there was a small lane to his right which cut through the road he was walking. He went right past the lane but suddenly stopped. As they say his heart skipped a beat. He did not move, taking a step or two behind, he stood straight to the lane and turned right just to see his favorite actress standing there. He was spell bound. His mind stopped cursing, it even stopped working. He was looking at her and only her. Her smile, her eyes, he was drowned in her presence. He was admiring her every bit. The way she carried her saree, the way her hair danced to the wind's tunes. Before he could get hold of the moment it just passed by as she got into her car and went away. He stood right there with eyes wide open for the next 5mins. "Hey you! move aside" said a lady, startled for a sec raj who was flying in the sky returned back to ground. He was blinking as if a somnambulist suddenly woke up. He started scolding himself for not making a move still he was happy and really proud that he saw her. His excitement was over the top he couldn't stop smiling. He was talking to himself. He could not wipe the smile off his face. He hopped into the bus and reached his house. Raj knew that its just an actress and not somebody close to him. Yet, he was not able to get down from cloud 9. He is not a guy who does crazy stuffs as a fan and he knows that she has done nothing to him but if he is happy, relieved off his daily tension just by looking at her or hearing her name then whats wrong in being a fan. The whole day he forgot everything and kept calling everybody "guess what" as he started went on and on. That night in a news channel she was interviewed and she was saying about the different places she visited for promoting her movie that day and she didn't even mention the place where the encounter happened. He smiled to himself and still kept calling everybody. The important thing is that he is happy and that is all that matters. Raj has not been this happy for a really long time. He'll never forget this pleasant encounter. The day passed and the next day everything was back to the usual work, office, tension. Obviously the actress would not know what she did to him but she sure made his day.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Sitting in the beach shore
       gazing at the fading sun
waiting for his lady love
      dreaming of the lovely dove
waves of joy from the sea
      shouting out a lovely glee
pulling out the lover's heart
      into the misty scenic path
out came the lady love
      just to see her man's love
pumping hard in her presence
     his heart felt love that instance
crazy because of the blue
    the man said "I LOVE YOU"


wonder what the birds feel
                     when they are hugged by the wind।
wonder what the wind feels
                     when it is kissed by the fish।
wonder what the fish feels
                     when they are caught in the net।
wonder why the human race
                   hasn't come to an end
killing us day by day
 cutting trees minute by minute
  polluting our world second by second
 dont they get fed up?
wishing to see a better world
                     with the humans out of sight।
i can't atleast my generation should।
                     rest in peace humans let us live in peace