Thursday, October 22, 2009

Love never dies

A white car on a black road,Radhika the lady of our story is driving it."Tujhe dekha toh yeh jaana sanam" its her mobile.With a lot of glitter and happiness in her face she picks it up.CLICK About her hmmm what shall i say she is a reasonably tall girl with powerful eyes and long straight hair.She did her graduation in the LOC university in New Delhi and currently she is working as a HR executive."Hi Honey" said Radhika with a wide smile on her face.The Honey for her tongue and a teddy for her arms and the man of her life was Rohit.Crazy guy I must say.He is a good looking guy with a reasonable height (Taller than Radhika thats all is necessary right ya he has it).Even he completed his graduation fom LOC university in New Delhi.Hmmm got it? no oh .Both of them studied together in college and were great friends.When their friendship turned into love nobody knows not even them.Their marriage is on the cards.Its next week.Too much of flashback lets get back to the phone call.
"Hi Sexy" replied Rohit with a giggle."Sir seems to be in an awesome mood today" said Radhika forgetting all her office and household tensions as always when talking to Rohit."Hmmm Hmmm you think so" asked Rohit."Ya I know so" said Radhika with a lot of confidence.Puzzled to the core Rohit asked "What How When ahhhhh Nat I should have known" said he with complete disappointment."Yup So... Congrats dear on your promotion"she shouted out loud.Nat Nat Nat is Natasha a close friend of Rohit and Radhika."Wait till I find her"-Rohit "Who"-Radhika "Who else"-Rohit "Oh Oh Nattie"-Radhika
"Poor Nat Radhi to your rescue" saying to herself Radhika calls Natasha from another phone keeping it on her left ear"Come on girl pick it up pick it up" "Hiiiii Radhi how was his reaction?"asked Natasha with anxiety all over."Run for your life"-Radhika "What???!!!"-Natasha “Rohit is on the loose”-Radhika “Oh my god he is here”-Natasha. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Radhika heard from both the sides
Gotcha ha ha ,I poured coffee on her head” said Rohit with a sense of achievement. “Radhiii your stupid lover ahhhhhhh” weepingly Natasha said
Radhika could'nt control her laughter.She started laughing so badly that her stomach started aching.”guys guys please stop it I'm gonna die laughing" said Radhika still laughing .A loud noise followed by grave silence brought everything to a stop.
”Radhi Radhiiiii are you ok” Rohit cried out loud.He did'nt know what happened.”You stay here I'll go and see what happened.She was on her way to her office”said Rohit hiding his fears and acting confident.Thousands of images, millions of ideas were popping in his mind every second.He started speaking to himself.He kept saying no to all the bad ideas that came to his mind.
He had to do something but he did'nt know what or how.He got into his car and asked his driver to go to GL Road(the highway which Radhika takes to go to her office).He was a bit confident but a lot afraid.He constantly kept calling Radhika “Damn it Radhi pick up the phone “ “Nothing would have happened” he kept saying to himself.
Bin tere kya hai jeena” its his mobile and the call was from Radhika with a wide smile on his face he answers the call “stupid Radhi are you ok? Why did'nt you pick up the phone? I was so damn worried..” before he could continue any further a voice interrupted his saying “ Hello Sir there has been a huge accident here.We are taking her to Lakshmi Hospital” and cut the call.
Rohit did'nt reply .He was speechless.One among many of his nightmares came true.His heart started beating faster.He coudnt think.Tears were continuously down pouring.”Brother......” he called his driver but before he could say anything his voice started breaking.After a long pause he continued saying“go to Lakshmi hospital”.
Oh Radhi my dear I'll not let anything happen to you” He called Natasha and informed her and called all the best doctors that he knew and asked them to go to Lakshmi hospital.His car passed by a temple which is often visited by Radhika and himself.”brother stop the car near that temple”said he.As he entered the temple Rohit remembered a incident which happened few months back.
Radhi “ called Rohit
What is it Rohit”
It seems you've bugged god a lot”
What ? What do you mean?”
I heard you were praying for so long that the poojari started chasing you away”
Ha Ha Ha very funny”
Ok so what were you asking god?”
What am i gonna ask?”
ok ok i myself will say it is useless waiting for you to guess.I just prayed that our love should never die and we should remain like this forever in every birth”
oh oh oh every natality???? my goodness there are many pretty girls in this world.Don't you think they'll be disappointed and wont they commit suicide on hearing this?
why a girl No other creature in this world can tolerate you.So its me now and always”
Oh yeah”
yeah yeah”
Rohit stumbled up on a stone.He goes straight just looking into the eyes of the god's statue.He goes as close as he can and sits there. For a few minutes silence prevails.Slowly his weeping goes out of bound.He starts crying like a baby.”Please god please save her””Don't separate us””Pleaseeeeeeeeeee”remembering the fact that he has to go to the hospital to see her.He gets up and starts walking a bit faster towards the car. “Let's go” says Rohit with a stiffness in his voice.The car starts moving.He keeps looking through the window pane with his eyes so red.Just as he passes by a park..

Rohit why did you ask me to come here”
look around and say whether you like it “
It was 5 in the evening the sky was reddish yellow.The park was so green with grass covered all over and trees standing tall and a series of 5 small pond forming a circle in the park and another pond(has a centre stage) in the centre that is between those 5 ponds and every pond was connected by a small bridge.Wind was also heavy on that day.Rohit held her hand and led her to the centre stage over the pond in the centre.Radhika was wearing a white salwar . She was glowing and also with the breeze her dupatta was flying.

Radhi i wanna say something.Promise me you'll not get angry”
Rohit you are my darling.I'll never get angry”
Have you done something wrong” asked Radhika
Hmmmm I don't know whether its right or wrong”
oh Rohit say it na what is it”
He handed over a letter and turned away from her.Radhika was confused she slowly opened the letter

With you I wanna cry
With you I wanna laugh
With you I wanna live
Without you I wanna die
Thats all I wanna say but
There's more that i wanna give
Let your life be part of mine
Like a bit of honey in wine
What say will you be mine ?
Read the letter
I am yours” heard Rohit but before he could turn she hugged him from behind.
A gentle breeze from the sky
with them floating in the sky
it was magical.
Actually I wanted to give this to you long back but couldnt but now is the right time.
Rohit opened the letter and asked her to read it.

My dear rascal you make me angry

My dear devil you made me fly

Love the pleasure wanna treasure
but with you yet always
Darling dearest my sweety poo
Lips are dry my speech the cause
Lips are wet let you be the cause
Honey! I wanna be your.....
before she could read any further she was stopped by him with his lips sealing hers.After a long pause she completed Honey.
Oh I'm blushing I think my face is all red” just as she said that and lifted her chin to see his face red .Both of them started laughing but not the usual laugh but a one with a bit of hesitation,bit of shyness,bit of happiness,bit of confusion but with a lot of love.

A huge bump it was a speedbreaker.”sorry sir” said the driver.Natasha reached the hospital
Patient name Radhika car accident” said Natasha taking deep breaths
I'm sorry mam she has passed away”
WHAT are you serious? May be you've mistaken Its Radhika LG road accident please check properly please “
NO mam I know I'm sorry but she couldnt make it.”
Oh god Oh god Radhiiii”
what am i gonna say to Rohit”
oh god he'll be here any minute.He'll be totally shattered.How am I gonna console him”
Oh god please give Rohit the strength to accept the truth”

Rohit's car arrived.Slowly she started moving towards the car.She didnt know what to do or to say.She was lucky as she didnt have to say or do anything.

She went and opened his car door just to see Rohit falling out .



  1. It is such a big story. I will surely read it, but later.

  2. Coward! He committed suicide, is it?
    It was too filmy. All those pond scene. Try being less filmy. Otherwise it was a good read. You can become Bollywood script writer :P

  3. hey harry dear,
    u r becoming too good at this.Love never dies. but Lovers die :P just kidding. but sometimes sadly it becomes the truth.I loved it.Especially the part where they profess their love, man , the verses were too good.U know me ;).Am a complete romantic.

    keep posting harry

  4. I just loved the story till the climax. It shouldnt have ended that way. It was awesome reading this. If u would have changed some lines a little bit poetic, The whole story would have been poetic romance. It was really nice.. I loved it.

  5. finally i completed reading it!:)
    get serious about doing PhD (Bollywood).... ;)

  6. Wow! that was nice... especially for that very important lesson- dont talk on the mobile while driving!!! u r not the only one who has to pay the price.... in more ways than one...

  7. Think he has Got the Degree And aGold Medal for it..!

  8. The theme was good but you could have kept it short. the description simply awesome and the way u narrated is also good. It took almost 25 min to read all that stuff. next keep it short. the stories are like chetan bhagat. Awesome piece.....