Thursday, October 15, 2009


wonder what the birds feel
                     when they are hugged by the wind।
wonder what the wind feels
                     when it is kissed by the fish।
wonder what the fish feels
                     when they are caught in the net।
wonder why the human race
                   hasn't come to an end
killing us day by day
 cutting trees minute by minute
  polluting our world second by second
 dont they get fed up?
wishing to see a better world
                     with the humans out of sight।
i can't atleast my generation should।
                     rest in peace humans let us live in peace


  1. Have u become a veggy? If not, the second part does not make sense.

  2. I suppose Saravanan is right. ;)
    However, I have to tell humans deserves to die. We are destroying everything. But, I hope it's not our generation that ends.
    You write well. Write more.

  3. Hi Harry,
    I should say it really is a good one :)
    We, human beings think that other species in this world like to be dangerous.But we never realized that we are the enemy to other species.And we have the sixth sense to help us in our aid We are also forgetting that by endangering other species we are endangering our own lives.

    As i said already , it is q good work . U were able to convey what u wanted to with simple words. Kudos to you :) Keep up and do post regularly

  4. manidhan "Manidham" marandhuvittan enbathai azhaghai sonna un manidhathai paarattukiraen

  5. very good start... keep writing

  6. Good one...
    The 1st part was too good...