Monday, November 17, 2014

Blog revival

Be it anything and everything You'll have to start at the very point where you left it. Clear in mind with a better thought process here I am kick starting my dear blog after a really long time. Feeling elated or rather Ecstatic.

Why I started this blog ? To express myself.
Why I stopped blogging ? Too many dishes in my platter.

Confused is what I was days, months, years together not knowing what I really have to do. Tried to be Jack of all trades just to realize you'll never be master of even one. Mental stability is what was lacking. Not literally :P but still.

 Many of us go through this phase I believe. All I really want to say is that. Do what your heart desires, do what gives you happiness, why think further and bother yourself.

Love as pleasant as it does first starts from within. We as people should learn to love ourselves. I love me when I'm satisfying me or rather when I complete me. That completeness is something which you get only when you love what you do and do stuff that you love to do. In my case had too many affairs to take care of.

I really want to embark on this very journey just to make myself happy hoping for nothing but a soul stirring ecstatic feel.


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