Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Demented soul

Singing in the rain
            with my heart full of pain
writing this down
            to let you know how people frown
gazing at me
           like an alien on ground

Naked the word though I was
           never bothered in your presence
Covered the word yes I am
           feeling incomplete in your absense

Is this my fate or
               plenty more to hate
me,the arrogant lover
              looking at the sun
                  hoping you'd hover
Foolish the word people provide
         leaving it to you girl you decide
   right I thought cause you reside
      in my thoughts leaving plenty aside

waiting for your arrival
reason for my survival
Dementia you are
Demented I am
dear change it to
Panacea you are
Panache I am.


  1. HEh it was damn good man. But i believe u have written it as poem other feels the same everyday.

    Some how you even said panacea great. hahaah i loved it.. a nice poem for the start of the day..

  2. I really like your post ,to feel within with each word you write ,it's amazing .